Handwritten Sign On The Tablet

signotec new app developed for the digital signature on the tablet. « Who legally and handwritten wants to sign PDF documents directly on his Tablet, requires only a special pen, as well as the corresponding app: signoSign/mobile » the signotec GmbH has developed a signature software for use on mobile devices. Via iPhone, iPad or other smartphones or tablets with Android operating system can sign PDF documents directly on the screen of the mobile device. Thus, a media-together workflow is ensured. The app by signotec displays the PDF document generated from an application on the mobile device. PDFs without signature fields to sign can be complemented with the app manually afterwards with those. The user signed the PDF with his pen and inserts his signature so digital and secure evidence in the document.

The user can then print out the signed documents requires an AirPrint printer or e-mail as an original document (including biometric Data) and send it with a photo of the signatory. To further increase the evidentiary value, the GPS data of the place of signing can be with store. The software supports the PDF archive standard PDF / A-1b (ISO 19005-1:2005). The difference between an original pen pad is the lower recording quality of the signature, because the tablets not for capturing signatures were designed and not pixel-accurate work. So you need this special pins, which simulate a fingertip, and are therefore by the touch cannot be compared with a normal pen. In addition, often the essential pressure levels and the low, partially variable measuring of pin position per second (sample rate) are missing.

Signing on iPad & co is suitable especially for business operations, in which the authenticity of the signature itself plays a minor role. signotec offers its app for both iPhone/iPad and Android tablets. The Apple version is an online connection to the signature server for use by signotec necessary. The software also in more apps in the iPhone/iPad can be integrated via Apple-specific mechanisms. Hosting offers optimum protection in relation to the availability, confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of the data. The host system has been certified by the TuV Sud with the coveted seal of ISO 27001; in August 2012, also the Apple app received security certificate of TuV Saarland. The signature Server supports all PDF security settings com. Adobe language specification 5, verse. 1.6 Which are PDF documents digitally signed and the signature biometrics stored in encrypted form in the document. The server itself can be standardized mechanisms any scale, so many thousand signatures can be created per hour. signoSign/mobile for iPad/iPhone is available in the iTunes store, the application runs on iPad 2 or 3, as the operating system version 5.0 is supported iOS. signoSign/mobile for Android, however, requires no online connection to a server and work offline. The Offline usage on the iPad is currently in preparation. Michael Steinhardt pursues this goal as well. Signotec also a server-based application offers for mobile signing: signoSign/mobile Html5 works without installing software or apps or drivers on the devices. The access is possible via all popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, chrome and Netscape. The manufacturer is therefore only on the German market, which offers an enterprise solution for mobile digital signing with or without local client installations.

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