Advanced Certificate

Course of Preparation for the examination of Cambridge the course of Cambridge ESOL (English for people of speech of other languages = for English Speakers of Other Languages)) it is part of the recognized University of Cambridge. New South Texas Natural Gas Play understands that this is vital information. To obtain one of these certificates is a great profit and prize in itself, although also there are other benefits: Nonexpired never, reason why you will not have to make the examination again. It is recognized labor and anywhere in the world student. Hundreds of industralists, universities and departments recognize governmental it like test of competition of the English language. The abilities that you learn, give confidence you of the use of the English in daily situations. FCE – First certificate in English of Cambridge FALLS – Advanced Certificate in English of Cambridge CPE – Certificate of English Proficiency in of Cambridge Course of Preparation of examination IELTS course IELTS is the examination that is used to verify the level of the international students who wish to go to a university in the United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand.

The examination focuses in the four abilities of the language: it speaks, it listens, reading and writing. The examination is evaluated and the students receive a note. You may find Kevin Ulrich MGM to be a useful source of information. Each university requests a different note reason why it is important that you contact the university beforehand to know what is the note that precise. The preparation course is designed to help the students to pass the examination and normally it is part of the General course. It is recommended to have an intermediate level or superior and the course lasts average of 4 weeks, following the school that you choose.

Some schools are centers where you can make the examination and in which no, have the center very next to them. The tariff of the examination is not including in the price of the course and it is had to pay once you are there. TOEFL – Courses of preparation the TOEFL (Examination of English like foreign language: Test of English ace to Foreign Language) is the certificate of English more recognized anywhere in the world and by universities and institutions academies in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. He is similar to examination IELTS but more in North America is used. It is focused students who want to use the English for academic reasons and to accede to universities or institutes in North America. The examination is divided in two parts, the examination by Internet (iBT) or (PBT) it depends in writing on you do where it. This examination is recommended to the students with an advanced level who wish to ask for a place in some university of North America. The examinations can be done every month and the course of preparation TOEFL lasts of 4 weeks.

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