Workflow Engines Optimize Processes

Knowledge factory Germany integrates new functionality the Fasihi GmbH into their website new features from the House of Fasihi the knowledge factory companies for Germany e. V. in their website took over. Key innovation: for the optimisation of work processes, the Ludwigshafen IT company has integrated several proprietary workflow modules. The Office of the knowledge factory in Ludwigshafen has a working platform, with the repetitive processes are automated, contact data can be collected and tracked and a transparent documentation of all processes is possible after the update. In the sixth year since inception, the knowledge factory highlights its expertise as a leading entrepreneurship education in Germany.

With the new features, the interactive website of the knowledge factory is even more user friendly or has received improved communication and job opportunities for staff and member companies. Sabine Brandenburg, project manager with the knowledge factory: the new workflow modules « automate, simplify, and documenting our work processes and save time and money. » Educational partnerships of member companies are an important part of the knowledge factory. So far could apply educational institutions not online and member companies are not looking for such facilities. It is now different: each educational institution can apply via an easy to use contact form in the knowledge factory, an interested company can look with simple filters to search for suitable education partners. The workflow begins with the contact of the educational institution and ends with the presentation of the educational partnership in a specific company profiles. All intervening steps expire automatically, are documented and can be viewed at any time. Ordering system with workflow for sending materials a new and simple ordering system with integrated workflow facilitates the members the order of work materials.

For each product – it is E.g. boxes, tools and manuals – there is a Short description and a photo. Authorized users can order the desired materials.

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