The Responsibility For The Maintenance Of The Garden

The lawyers inform Pach & Pach from Nuremberg In the spring first flowers and ergrunende trees delight the eye. However, a good looking, useful garden brings always a considerable amount of work with. Against this background the Nuremberg tenancy law specialists of the firm Pach & Pach housing responsibility for the gardening can explain. From a legal perspective, the gardening belongs to the basic obligations of the real estate landlord. The corresponding work not as an exception, such as when the complete rental of single-family homes, fall from the outset in the task pane of the tenant, the landlord has to establish the desired state of his gardens and green spaces on their own.

However, it can involve tenants in different ways. The landlord carries out the necessary work to the gardening yourself or this can be at his own expense of external professionals do, he can claim the ensuing effort as operating costs, which are transferred to the lessee are allowed. Significantly 2 No. 10 BtrKV, which pays to typical garden maintenance allowed other operating costs here. On the tenant only such work may be, incurred regularly and belong to the typical garden maintenance. A tenancy agreement, the landlord can shift the obligation to the gardening on the tenant. Something else is not expressly determined from the contract the lessee must perform only simple gardening. In particular, he is not obliged to accept work that mean professional qualification or a high time and money.

The tenant side yard maintenance includes activities such as mowing the lawn, weeding weeds in this case and the like. How and when the owner maintains the garden, leaving him while in large parts. The jurisdiction attaches often a large game room him here, as long as the garden does not breach savaged. The landlord has no authority to the contractual transfer of garden care compared to the tenant. Therefore, he must not determine when and how the tenant to comply with its obligation. What gardening on the tenants can be shifted, is often controversial, as well as their validity as an operating cost. A mietrechtlich an experienced legal counsel helps in the event of a dispute, to safeguard the interests of tenants or landlords. Nuremberg tenancy law specialists of the firm Pach & Pach available anytime for the solution of this and all other tenancy matters. Press contact lawyers Pach & Pach contact person: Hans-Christoph Pach Schonhoverstrasse 31 90409 Nurnberg phone: 0911-56 92 28-0 fax: 0911-56 92 28 27 email: Homepage:

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