Wall Paint: Making The Right Choice

"My home – my castle" – so people often talk about your home. However, the strength must be not only reliable but also beautiful, warm calling, calm and a desire to get back. It is not something LEGO Papert Professor would like to discuss. One way to make home beautiful view, update the interior and exterior painting is the paint for the walls is far better than today's trendy and coatings is much room for your imagination and your ideas. First of all, should be aware of the variety of colors, and that they mostly fall, depending on the type of work for which they are intended for external or internal. The main types of paint for painting the walls is, for example, acrylic paint.

The paint is most often in acrylic or latex-based, since these bases are dissolved in water, not flammable and toxic solvents, they can be used for painting walls in any premises, including the bedroom and the nursery. In addition, the paint dries quickly, is vapor-permeable, but it can not be applied to the metal as its base water can cause rust. The walls are painted with a paint can be washed and cleaned. Letuchesmolyanye paint, consisting of synthetic resins and organic solvents, more pozharnoopasny, they should not be used in homes as well as the volatile solvent evaporates after painting, a detrimental effect on human health. Organo-mineral paints are very durable and wear-resistant, can be applied to a wall at high temperature extremes, moisture resistance, but the high toxicity of the paint flammability of these paints can only use them to paint the exterior walls of houses.

Often used in oil paint, which consists of a mixture of pigments and linseed oil. This paint is water-resistant, strong and durable. But film of oil paint does not allow the surface to "breathe", so paint the walls with oil paint is better only in non-residential premises, for example, in the kitchen, hallway or entryway. There are also silicone paint, which made on the basis of silicones. The main feature of these paints is that it did not absorb water. For this reason, silicone paint – this is ideal for all types of outdoor work. There are also a number, so called "special colors". They are used relatively infrequently, due to their narrow range of applications. By "special colors" include anti-corrosion paint, which may be applied to metal surfaces without prior removal of rust for example enamel KO-5102; paint with fungicidal and bactericidal properties, which protect the wood from rotting and mold, paint to remove small defects (cracks, scratches) and out slight irregularities and so on. Before proceeding to the choice of paint and stain, you should think about how much time you spend in the room than there is to do. This is largely choice will determine the type of paint, not to harm the health of fumes, helps pick up a paint, so that it corresponds to the function room, will determine the choice of colors to create a working environment more soothing or vice versa atmosphere. Also, never will be an extra consultation with a specialist who will answer your various questions and talk about the features of a particular color.

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