Helicopter Hobby

Radio-controlled helicopters are created and will be of interest to both children and adults. Radio helicopters are very much in demand, particularly radio-controlled helicopters to electric motors. In our online store and gags unusual gifts 'DivoShop' we have tried to lay out the qualitative model helicopters (Chinese imitations have not). Before buying a radio controlled model helicopters we recommend that you read, what they are and what is the difference, This will help you in choosing the radio helicopter. Let's start with the fact that the radio-controlled helicopters are on the electric motors and radio-controlled helicopters with internal combustion engines.

The most common radio-controlled Model helicopters are electric helicopters. Since they work on one or more electric motors that spend little energy and bystrooborotnye. All controlled electric helicopters are divided into mini helicopter (helicopter home games) and radio helicopter street. Mini helicopter is the helicopter room he can only fly in the room, if such a small helicopter to run on the street, its 'take away', even with the weak wind, and it will not comply with the remote management, so it can only be run in enclosed spaces. Such micro helicopters are not expensive, but they can only fly indoors. The following is a helicopter on the remote street. These helicopters radio control is much more micro helicopter and can fly not only in the room or apartment, but on the street.

Radio-controlled model helicopter street can even fly with a good wind (it depends on what weight radiovertolet and how to manage). Further, radio-controlled helicopters are divided into the number of channels with the remote control. There is a radio-controlled helicopters, 2 channel, 3-channel, 4 channel and 6 channel models of helicopters. Describe in more detail about all. – 2-channel radio controlled helicopter. If you want to buy a radio controlled helicopter, the 2-channel model is the most simple and suitable for beginners "pilot" it can fly up and down, forward and revolves around its axis. These helicopters are more in demand because they are relatively expensive and you get used to it, you can even perform tricks. – 3-channel radio controlled helicopter. Perhaps the most important Unlike 3 from 2-channel models in that the 3-channel models can already fly up and down, back and forth, side to side. Also, it is better controlled in the air and with skilful management can perform more difficult tricks than 2 channel. – 4-channel radio controlled helicopter. This is a semi-helicopter is very well managed and obey your commands, and most importantly it can perform aerobatics. Also, 4-channel Helicopters can lift a little weight. – 6-channel radio controlled helicopter. This is the Professional Travel helicopter he was very good subject with remote radio control. He can do stunts and feels any minute changes to the management console. This radio helicopter takes great pleasure in management. All of the above model can be found in our online store. We told you about the number of channels management and how it affects the control of the helicopter. Now another important step if you want to buy a radio controlled helicopter, you'll notice there is a complete simulator of the helicopter. Simulyato helicopter is the drive you download to your computer and run the train radio helicopter with remote control on your computer. It is very important because, as usual radiovertolet falls and better practice before starting the simulator helicopter. All elektrovertolety very comfortable, but they have some disadvantages, it is short term flight on the charged batteries in the 15 – 20 minutes, each radio-controlled model helicopters in different ways.

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