VAD Passwords

Biometric authentication software recognizes user tip behavior Schorndorf, February 22, 2011 passwords protect against unauthorized access to company information, bank accounts, email accounts Web applications etc., The choice of password risks however. Because simple passwords are easy to crack for hackers and thus form one of the main causes of spied or intercepted data. A safe alternative, especially for SMEs, presents the sysob IT-distribution ( together with its distribution partner Psylock on CeBIT 2011. In Hall 11, booth B26 find out everything about the Psylock tip biometrics visitors. The technology enables secure authentication, since it recognizes each user solely on its unique keystroke behaviour. Many users insufficiently protect their user accounts. People such as Viktor Mayer-Schönberger would likely agree.

Popular passwords such as people or city names, phone numbers and dates of birth are however easy to crack and open the cybercriminals door. Hackers have an easy time especially if the same data for multiple user accounts to the Be for use. Also only every sixth user even never changes his passwords more than 40 percent according to a recent Forsa survey regularly. In the context of its CeBIT presence, the IT security expert Psylock and the VAD of sysob authentication solutions of that are based on the patented tip behavior biometrics present. Login without password or additional token means of the tip biometrics process can small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as organisations and public institutions simply protect their data against unauthorised access.

To authenticate themselves, the user enters their user name, as well as a short sentence as the tip sample. Then the solution to a highly complex mathematical procedures matches special features, such as typing speed, writing rhythm, holding period of a button etc, with the user profile. The current tip-sample matches the deposited profile of the user, the Psylock solution releases the data access. Besides the existing keyboard, the user requires no thus additional hardware.

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