German Profiles

Free company profiles to register what others are selling, the Internet search engine company information specialist provides as a service for free: company profiles with current contact data there are up to each search hit. Infometrics also 200 profile (s) given as a spring action, when an employee of a company as a user registers for free. Infometrics, the vertical search engine for the business Web, offers its users a special service that distinguishes them from other well known search engines in addition to the specialization in corporate Web sites: for each search hit infometrics delivers the company profile with current contact information of the company immediately. The companies contact data is always up-to-date because they automatically are extracted with an effective Web mining process from the Web sites of the companies and regularly checked. A manual maintenance and verification of the data, such as in a catalog, thanks to this technology at is no longer necessary. Many Company profiles contain additional information about the products offered by the respective companies and services with direct links to the corresponding landing pages.

Businesses have multiple sites, so they appear also in the extended company profiles. Spring action infometrics given as 200 company profiles from one of the 50 industries considered by infometrics service, trade and industry, in an Excel file or a PDF document. This offer is intended for company employees, provided that they register for free as a user. The offer is valid until June 21. Because infometrics emphasis on the quality of the index sets and new companies only under certain conditions and prior testing be included, include almost all company profiles for companies that are established in the German market.

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