Tools Informaticas

The evolution of the teaching with the use of tools informaticas author. Eng. Juan Salvador Pineda Sanchez we find in the knowledge era, where currently things are renewed every day, what today is innovation tomorrow will be obsolete. In the same way, operates educational media, the evolution of the school as a physical means to what they have today, virtual rooms and distance learning. The use of computer tools in the training of professionals is undoubtedly an instrument to these times Basic, it is imperative to point out how it is that this change has enabled a comprehensive training of the trainees.

There were previously only classes of type face-to-face, with the basic method of teaching-learning predicate for hundreds of years, which extends only to a group of stakeholders at a time and in a space, thanks to the computer means break those schemas and can provide training to circles of people distant by thousands of miles, the efficient use of the communication to society itself evolved. Tool computer not only to transport data at the speed of light over thousands of miles, to the ends of the balloon, undoubtedly brought the possibilities of teaching to people who could not aspire to certain educational levels or people who for occupations not accessed these levels because the physical spaces were not available in their places of residence. In turn with the creation of education software a door opens more to teaching and learning methods, since they allow us to break the traditional paradigm of learning, now students experience virtually performances, phenomena, causes, predictions, calculations, etc. in a way more safe, mostly didactic and interactive with users. You must weigh the use of these tools and assess its effectiveness in today’s education, which is not the student enough already with the teacher and the pupil, these dates and the teacher plays a different role of interaction with the use of information technology. We asimilemos these changes and integrate the new information age, since these changes will no longer be gradual are drastic to these dates, in my case had particular tale with 28 years of age and study when secondary education in the institution that perform only with machines which systems operating basically MS-DOS, the disks to guard the information were 5 I’m talking about a period of 12 years, this technology is now obsolete and technological change updates us every day, these changes are reflected in most of the industries, the craftsman to the lathe, the lathe to numerical control, numerical control to CAD, CAD to CAD/CAM, same thing in education. We must be prepared for these developments which are reflected as a part of the evolution of the school and at the same time designing new schemes of teaching and learning that occur in our times.

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