The Ceiling

Here, surely all in the hands of your designers and from his vast imagination. Glue the ceiling for those people who want to get a smooth ceiling (possibly with a pattern), rapid installation and cost savings, can advise glue ceiling. Glue the ceiling consists of a square or rectangular panels of extruded polystyrene foam having a size of 500×500 mm. The surface of the square tiles can be smooth or embossed to simulate wood carvings and stucco. In turn, ceiling tiles can be painted with water-based paint in any color.

Also on offer are the options tiles with laminated front surface which is covered with plastic sheeting (mother of pearl, clear, under a stone or imitating wood). Stretch ceilings Stretch ceiling consists of a special pvc film backing, whether exactly the right size room with all the its shape. The thickness of the blade leaves the average 0.18 cm Plans for the pattern creates a professional engineer, as in this case, as in all matters related to the stretch ceilings, a lot of subtleties that must be taken into account. Openings for the passage of fixing chandeliers, pipelines in the region of ducts, fire alarm sensors in the film are cut and pasted stronger fasteners. The cloth is attached to the profile Hard plastic, fixed on the walls of the room near the ceiling. Stretch ceilings can be either single-level and multilevel. Multilevel ceilings shared space into functional zones, mask irregularities and defects of the base ceiling, communication differences. Form of such a wide variety of designs: classical geometry and combination of geometric shapes, curved lines, curved shapes, etc.

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