Our Attitudes and More

The attitudes are rooted in the mind, and life beyond the mind. Attitudes are our creations are our prejudices, our inventions. Life is not created by us, on the contrary, we are only ripples on the lake of life. The life is to explore, to go into the unknown, to reach the stars! Be brave and sacrifices everything for life, nothing is worth it. Do not sacrifice your life for little things: money, security, stability. None of it has value. One has to live his own life as completely as possible, then, the joy comes. Only then can an overflowing joy.

Those who want to live really have to face many risks. They must delve deeper into the unknown. They have to learn one of the most basic lessons: that there is no home, that life is a journey without beginning or end. Yes, there are places where you can relax, but they are just for the night and next morning you have to go back. Life is a continuous movement is never any end The future is not certain, and you can not live in a hurry because the fix takes time. Quiet, peaceful, without haste, without tension, without anguish, runs to yourself to instante.a is urgente.a Unless you take the meditation took some urgency for you, never will, you put the die antes.a meditation at the top of your list as most important, urgent, number one. Sai Baba about life brings us, that "Life must be lived along the canal route by dams that reduce the strength of the violent currents and direct it toward useful fields.

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