Finnish Terminal

Turnover through the Russian-Finnish border in the past year, taking into account all Finnish Terminal amounted to 367 thousand teu, which is more than last year’s level by 17%. According to experts in this market will not stop, as export cargoes practically not involved in the field of container transportation. Russia now has a real container exports account for 5-7% of the total export of goods subject to containerization, ie 10 times less than the world level. However, for changes in the situation it is necessary that Russian exports of oil and gas has become a Tech. Growth in container traffic – that’s good news. And now, as expected, the bad news.

Russia in the foreseeable future will not be able to increase its global market share of container traffic in the first least because of the lack of container fleet and due to lack of plans for its construction. « Our sins SERIOUS » The current state of the domestic shipbuilding formed under the pressure of a bunch of negative factors. High taxes, vat, duties and management features increase for domestic customers the ultimate value of the vessel by 20% – 25% compared with the level of world prices. One is enough, that the orders had gone abroad. In addition, throughout the world have long taken a loan to build ships up to 80% of the cost of construction under 5% – 6% per year with the installments for 10-12 years. Loans are secured by vessels under construction, and the owner contributes only 20% of the ship.

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