Objectives of an Organization

The value of information is essential for activation and development, management becomes a necessity within any organization. Cronin, attributes to the information practical and symbolic values, establishing a typology: a Use value a Value of change a Optional value insurable value a Value Value latent covered a full value. Information is a fundamental element for development, acquires a proper relevance is an important agent in modifying behaviors in the organization, its proper management is an essential tool for decision making, staff training, evaluation products, and process control, being a vital resource for the development of any organization. a The information management is not a new phenomenon, was something that always worried man, from the moment he realized that only his experience advantage over those who merely had been made known from the experiences collective and even more, search strategies have to be the .

Access to updated information in a quick and, taking into account economic, social and financial guarantees effectiveness. a Cuando we talk about information management we mean the process by which we obtain, deploy or use basic resources (financial, physical, human, material) to manage information within and for the society it serves. Its basic element of life cycle management of this resource and it happens in any organization. It is very also specialized units that handle the resource intensive, so-called information units. The management of information resources now rather subsumed under the concept a Gestion information, was designed to provide mechanisms for the organization, acquire, produce and transmit at the lowest possible cost, data and information quality, accuracy and timeliness sufficient to serve the same objectives, demonstrating the information as an important resource for meeting the objectives of any organization.

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