Western European Agriculture

They are either of little avail to illustrate the experience of Western European Russian conditions of agriculture, or dealt with such specific types of agriculture as the "ostrich breeding farm in Africa" or "The extraction of the snails in France." A little closer to the problems of agronomic propaganda were some movies Pate designed uzkoplenochnyh for vehicles "COC". But they say we are alone. As well as agricultural and pictures were deprived of the guidance values and films devoted to the industry. Among them there was no one who seriously acquainted with the achievements of a modern technology or, say, the production technology in heavy industry. Most of the subjects available at the box office this thematic section was devoted to the production of goods consumer or handicrafts. And some scenes depicted-rye artisan work in economically backward and semi-colonial countries in Africa and Asia, and they rightfully should have been attributed to the ethnographic. Among educational film repertoire included also those who were devoted to sports, aviation, hunting and fishing. To contemporaries they were very insignificantly cognitive importance: air flights airplanes and airships, as well as very popular in those years, the French struggle, is of interest primarily as an attractor for Zion.

Characteristically, raising efforts in those years were considered as well as films on religious subjects. For abroad, mainly in France, were issued on the instructions of the Catholic Church a lot of movies that illustrate the myths of the Old and New Testaments. In Russia, the films on subjects from the New Testament and dedicated to the Lives of the saints were prohibited by the Synod, but some scenes from the Bible on the screen is still leaking, and in this case are included in educational repertoire.

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