Indigenous Contributions

Is it that it is the time of the assessment of the knowledge of the people that were in this land before the arrival of the Spaniards? Policy that begins to unfold is a consequence of the results of the so-called census of indigenous peoples. Communities rejected delivery horizontal and surrounded by doctors, as carried out in public hospitals in the province. Something is happening when the Ministry of health of the province of Buenos Aires plans to incorporate indigenous medicine into the formal health system. It is not to teach them the logic of the functioning of our health system, but small to the system so that it can contain an offer that can meet the philosophy of indigenous peoples, said Carlos Mate, Buenos Aires province Health Minister. Converge, comply, reconcile, learn, are verbs that you used Mate to speak of the new relationship that will seek to establish with the knowledge of our people. The idea is mother of this concept: adapt the health system to the population and not force people to go to the foot of the system. Especially because no or get. By its culture, for his view of the concepts of health and disease, indigenous peoples do not agree or do not wish to access the formal health system we offer, said Dr.

Gustavo Marin, director of primary health care. And the system has not recognized these knowledges, by prejudice, or ignorance or to maintain its hegemony, added. But it also seeks that indigenous medicine reaches the rest of the population. The proposal is that the knowledge that you are validating will be available to anyone who requires it. There are experiences in Chile, in Temuco, of an open Health Center for who wants. Finally, isn’t at all strange: If the foundation of a compressed is on a grass, why not you will use this herb in a different way?, asked the official Marin.

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