Czech Republic

The number of refusals to grant visas to become long-term increase in geometric progression. Consulate workers began to use even a small mistake in the documents or wrong answer to the interview in order to make the refusal. Many failures have been made without consideration of documents by the Police Department the Czech Republic in the second stage, when documents from the consulate came to the Czech Republic. It must be noted that not all innovations have changed the quality of work with foreign nationals. Relations at the consulate could be better. All consular offices can not be classified because the quality of service in Munich and Moscow simply can not compare. A new approach to oral information from applicant during the interview the consulate employee, an unusually complicated and increased time receiving documents. It must be noted that self-interview in 2007 can not be compared with interview in 2009 because of the number complexity and tricky issues discussed. At the moment, preparing for the interview takes a few hours discussing all the details. Without extensive training visa for a foreigner to be unattainable. Quality Paper documentation should not cause not a single blot, mistake or inaccuracy. Legal documents preparation should be at the highest level. Using false information during the interview or when filling out Consular sample leads only to a negative response to be submitted before the period of examination papers. As a rule, the refusal shall be made within 60 days. Positive response from the consulate have to wait a full term, which is 120 days.

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