Hansgrohe Company

Better if the scheme lighting will be conceived in the early stages of repair bathroom. You should know that the reflected and scattered light is visually expands the size of the room. Need to know that in addition to light, the effect of increasing the visual space also provide a glossy shiny surface, and making maximum use of such materials you are also visually enlarge the bathroom and make it more fair and transparent. In addition to the glossy coating wonderful effect provide and mirrors, but do not forget that for a smooth surface, especially in high humidity of bathrooms, is important particularly meticulous care. In the bathroom you want to avoid dark corners and not to leave, For example, a toilet without light, because it can strongly inhibit the holder of such sanitary ware and bathroom in general. Colorful plumbing brands Hansgrohe make your bathroom small room is to choose bright and warm colors.

Application of this technology much transform a small space and create the visual effect is larger. If you have low ceilings, so they can also try to visually "lift" and do it pretty simple – it is necessary to design the floor and ceiling to buy bright, saturated materials orange or blue, raise itself from this space and the ceiling will seem higher. Hansgrohe Company will assist you in creating effect of increase in the height of the bathroom with its world famous color plumbing. Bidets and urinals and other sanitary ware of this company, pleases the eye with bright saturated colors. Plumbing, manufactured in the present time in the world, can save much space in the bathroom due to incorporation of different parts and communications in the wall. Especially in demand now enjoys the novelty of fashion – hanging plumbing, which allows at least efficient space-saving bathroom and create a visual increase in the small space. No less attractive and practical way is the installation of washing machines under the sink that allows save a free area and release it for other products. Today, the use of acrylic bathtubs considered unfashionable and, where possible, tenants are set in the bathroom shower cubicles, which not only today, but also look very transparent and easy, and takes up much less space.

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