Business Plans

In modern practice, the business plan has four functions. The first is connected with opportunity to use it to develop business strategies. This function is vital during the establishment of the enterprise, as well as developing new areas of activity. The second function – planning. It allows evaluate opportunities for the development of new activities, to monitor processes within the firm.

The third function allows you to raise funds – loans, credits. In modern Russian conditions without credit resources is almost impossible to implement any significant project, but to get a loan difficult. The main reason is not so much a problem of high interest rates, but in the increased transience credits. In this situation, banks will accept a package of measures to ensure the return of funds, notably the requirement of bank guarantees, collateral and other real, but the decisive factor in loan is the presence of highly detailed business plan. The fourth feature allows you to bring to the plans of potential partners willing to invest in the production of equity or the technology available to them. The issue of providing capital, resources or technology is possible only if the business plan that reflects the rate of development of the company for a certain period of time. Thus, corporate planning is an integral part of any enterprise, regardless of its size. Business plan summarizes the analysis of opportunities to start or expand their business in a particular situation and gives a clear an idea of how the management of the company intends to exploit this potential.

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