So that the end item reach the qualities desired, Gomes Son (2003) list some excellent ergonomic aspects on the project of a product that can be applied to the object of study of this work. They are: Task (Function of use) a product must function, being able of it if to usufruct practical, aesthetic, psychological advantages, among others. Security the security is basic in the product, it must be safe and trustworthy, preventing to the maximum possible accidents that can at risk for the life of its user. Comfort the product must provide to comfort and well-being its user without for at risk its security. Application of Force the product must be adjusted so that the physical effort is compatible with the physical capacity of the user. 4 ELLINGER, Theodor: Die Informationsfunktion you give Produktes.

Einzelverffentilchung aus ‘ ‘ Produktionstheorie und Produktionsplanung’ ‘ , Festschirft fr Karl Hax zum 65, Geburtstag. Colony, Opladen, 1966. Material must be chosen taking in account the usual, functional, percipient characteristics and aesthetic-deeds of division of the product. Also the possibility of use of materials must be evaluated recycle or ecologically correct. Handling/Control the necessary product ergonomically to be elaborated so that the relation of the user with the product and its body is harmonious, allowing the user to control the product in its handling. Cleanness the aspect of cleanness of the product is desirable. This must pass the sensation of security and health to the hygiene of the user. Appearance the visualization of the product is on the perception of forms and colors in it contained. Tactile the texture of the product, as well as its volume, is factors that can assist the perception of the product for the user, mainly in that has some degree of visual deficiency.

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