Christmas Lights

A power connector and 1000 lamps light up a fantastic Christmas lights quickly and easily install in your garden? With Christmas lights in the plug-in system lamps using only a single power connector can be operated up to 1000. Can be combined, what you like. Lights, lights nets, icicles, trees, stars and many other ideas for the Christmas lights are networked via a simple plug-in system with bolted joints. The installation of Christmas lights with a Chrissline Combi system is simple. Doors, stair railings, trees are starting to a power connector, and shrubs with lights fitted. Each of the up to 15 lights or light networks can be connected through a Distributor.

The Christmas lights with lamps up to 1000 shines at night in your garden. The times where with extension cables and cable reels had to put the power to the far corners in the garden and each further extension are over ingress of moisture in the cables at the same time facilitated. The Christmas lights in the plug-in system is absolutely safe for use in outdoor areas with the protection class IP44. The dense and screwed connections prevents the ingress of moisture. The advantages of a Christmas lights with the Chrissline Combi system are obvious: more security, more flexibility and an easy installation.

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