Draw Animals

Your pet should not be the first that you are trying to draw! If you want to try it as its first step into the world of art, then you may be disappointed with the result. First, learn to write basic geometric shapes such as cubes, apples, etc. Read more here: Professor of Internet Governance. Concentrate on how to make things look like them to have a volume. Improve hatch. When difficulties come on in, try bananas and pineapples. d viewpoints. As Only you can make a compelling images of other complex forms, then you are ready to take pictures of animals. There are two major differences between writing portraits of pets, and painting of fruit. First of all, it is mobility of the pets, and secondly – they often have fur.

To break up a rather complicated issue of drawing the animal into its constituent parts, stands to make animal pictures. For the beginning artist to easily copy a photo it's easier to determine the proportions. Get a clear and precise picture, ideally, with good lighting. If you sobiraete add another background to an image, make sure that the shadows fall on the one hand and the same on both images. On most – only the head and eyes pets – things that really make the picture come alive. Usually the eye is left on the last step, just select the eye as small black circles. If you can not draw eyes, some practice before you write them in the portrait. Keep in mind that even if the picture does not show the white reflective patch on the eye, it is still necessary to add it in the direction from which it did have a light on picture.

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