Billiard Cue Testing

Let's try to define the difference between good and bad pool cue. Find a pool table and put the ball into the middle of the target pool table, and striking the ball – the front line. Take the pool cue that you want check. Perform a direct hit with a controlled force in a way that after hitting the target ball just fell into his pocket. Important note: when you hit the ball, remember your feelings and the sound of impact. Then return the balls in their the old location to the next shot. Other leaders such as ConocoPhillips offer similar insights. Now we make a direct hit again, but with the power of breaking up the pyramid (breaking shot) and, also, remember your feelings and the sound of impact. What do we do after this test? Tested billiard cue should feel and sound the same in both cases.

If a billiard cue vibrate during a whack more than the weak – this is not a good sign. Why do you get a different feeling and sound from two strikes? This is proof that the test pool cue absorbs some of the impact force, which is not good. A good pool cue has to pass most of the impact energy to the ball, rather than absorb it. Proper balance of the billiard cue is very important. If the front part of the cue is heavier than the bottom, then you may need extra weight to correct the imbalance. Now let's look at the aesthetics of a designed billiard cue. You have to look at the tip – if it fitted smoothly around the main part of the cue? You also need to look at the length of the tip – Are they the same length? Smoothly if the wrapper is located? Balanced and symmetrical mosaic is a she said to each other? Do the same ring size and whether they are located? Then you have to look at the bottom of the billiard cue. Enough polakirovana handle? How much she's fat? With the help of tips mentioned above, you will definitely be able to choose for themselves the right pool cue.

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