Data Storage

Each department of the firm determines its level department with information relevant to that level. It will be the target of output on which the data in the warehouse are organized and stored for direct consultation by end users, developers of reports and other applications. Individual level data contains few, the result of applying heuristics, statistical process, etc., The data contained in the previous level. The individual level is the ultimate goal of a DW. From this level the user will be final and may raise different scenarios as well as navigate through the data in the DW. Highway procedures There are a core set of processes behind a DW architecture of great importance to it. Firstly it makes the extraction process, which involves studying and understanding the source data, taking those that are useful for the store. Once the data are collected, they are transformed to a presentable form and value to users.

This process includes bug fixes, problem solving domain, deletion of fields that are not of interest, key generation, aggregation of information, etc. Upon completion of the transformation process is loading the data in the DW and followed quality controls are performed to ensure that it is correct. When information is available, the user is informed. It is important to publish all changes have been made. In this moment the end user can query. This must have query tools and data processing. Sometimes it is advisable to follow the opposite path load. For example, can feed information systems with purified or stored in the DW have the same user-generated query that is of interest, so feedback is made of data or feedback. . For more information see this site: Michael Michelini.

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