In Brazil

According to analyses that had been made in didactic books of geography of Average education geography Brazil series, only volume of the author Jose William Visentini, in which it is subdivided in three parts: General geography, Geography of Brazil, and regional Geography of the world, the author looked for to observe and to contextualizar the contents in such way so that educating can reflect and analyze the concepts and bring for its local and regional experience. When analyzing the texts of geography of Visentini a questioning in relation to the formation was had and the estruturao of its vision in what it confers based critical and analytical geography in a new reformularization of the curricular parameters, leaving of side ideological geography to construct a reflexionista and consequetemente regional geography focusing the occured changes from traditionally local approach, this makes possible in the study of the geography of Visentini making possible to analyze and to contextualizar the changes suffered by the society. The changes are evidentes since the formation of the geographic space, the discoveries of new worlds and the evolution of the technology passing for the one I serve as apprentice of sophistication and modernization. II. MARXIST VISION IN HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY.

II.I. AS TO THINK ABOUT FORMATION HISTRICO-GEOGRAFICA IN BRAZIL. In Brazil history was constituted as it disciplines obligator pertaining to school in the first half of century XIX, moment of affirmation of the national state, as an important space of the disputes then stopped between the Church and the advance of the lay power, civil. During century XIX and it disciplines it to XX of geography passed for important phases as, for example, regional geography, the determinismo, radical geography and the quantitative one. It was the marxist geography that applied the social theory of Karl Marx and its followers, how much to the geographic knowledge in Brazil, if it cannot leave to analyze the importance and the influence of the Gegrafo Milton Saints, that became father of critical geography.

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