Of the constant relations between phenomena, we can formulate mathematical laws and equations natural. For example., a mathematical theorem as ' ' the surface of the sphere is the quadruple of the surface of a circle mximo' '. In the geometric Optics, always ' ' reflection factor will be the reason between the reflected luminous flow and the luminous flow incidente.' '. In Chemistry, always ' ' the ionization degree will be the reason enters molecule the number ionized of acid and the molecule number initially dissolved in cido.' ' Biology in supplies to the classifications of vegetables and animals to them, the types and species, the attributes, the agencies, the functions of each one, the processes of reproduction, nutrition, adaptation, the relations of the alive being with the environment. 3.4 — it has proper method: part of the comment for the hypothesis, that is confirmed or not by the experimentation. He is only scientific what it can be tried and be proven.

3.5 – – the criterion of gauging of a scientific knowledge is the resultant evidence of the experimental evidence. A scientific judgment true if is proven. The truth always can be demonstrated through the repetition of the experiment. It can foresee that, in identical conditions, if to occur B will be followed, being that cause and this effect. Truth is the virtue of a statement of valid it to only be referring to some aspect of the object, in one determined moment. 4 – The philosophical knowledge, as the previous one, is ontolgico, eminently critico, is fenomnico, works with concepts, the one that if arrives for an induction process, – but he is distinct. Ontolgico 4.1-BE, because come back it to be of the things: the reality of the human being, the life, the universe, God, the substance, of energy, of the creation, the proper one to know, as well as of lesser things, as the laugh (it has a study of Brgson the respect), the dream, the development of the language, the process of learning etc, but always of the being integrated in the global, pantolgico reality.

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