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The Development of Life

The entire development of life, from the simplest forms to man, is becoming an elementary particles psyche huge structure, which includes mankind. Now it becomes clear why so short-lived people. The physical body is there, absorbing the environment of oxygen, water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, information and throws out the waste. Is the accelerated development […]


Of the constant relations between phenomena, we can formulate mathematical laws and equations natural. For example., a mathematical theorem as ' ' the surface of the sphere is the quadruple of the surface of a circle mximo' '. In the geometric Optics, always ' ' reflection factor will be the reason between the reflected luminous […]


These issues are already adequately covered chattering parties. I would like to draw readers' attention to the fact that, in fact, the dispute between scientists and biologists, creationists have no relation to science, to biology, and seriously consider it is only possible from a philosophical, psychological, ethical, ideological positions. I deliberately instead of "evolutionists" that […]


In recent years, with new activity resumed, seemingly long gone in the history of public debate between representatives of the scientific and religious views on the origin of the world. The rapid development of physics, chemistry, Astronomy in the xix and xx centuries is not that science has brought victory in this debate, but simply […]

Critical Activity

To make possible Critical Ensino and not mere expositivo. A Creative and Critical presentation of the problems, the theories and the arguments of the Philosophy. To place the Students in contact with the ideas of the great Classic and modern Philosophers. To help the Students to read some classic texts of the Philosophy. Many objective […]

United Nations

The party led for Amlcar Cabral, articulador of the guineense nationality, started to gain more confidence of the workers and agricultural peasants, and started to practically mobilize all the national population. Thus the African Party For the Independence of the Guin and Handle-Green (PAIGC) if structuralized and standardized it national and international level, especially in […]


It is, therefore essential that the clinical criteria of diagnose in reference to this ' ' aquilo' ' necessary for the life. Of the antropolgico point of view if it cannot see the death of the man primarily or exclusively as a biological problem, but neither if it can do without the biological data total. […]

Base Justice

The perfect friendship is ' ' that one between the good and mutually similar individuals in virtue substance, this because these friends if equally desire the alien property in the quality of good and are good in itself same. However, they are those that want the good of its friends for its friends who are […]


If to think about the formularizations of Sartre regarding existence and essence from this lack of proper command, can give to it, with certainty, a reliable vote. If to give to attention in the history of the evolution human being we evidence that the man is a being that if adaptou, if formed and constituted […]