Ambient Education

However, it is evident that one is about an empirical knowledge, a time that its concepts are limited. Graph 3? Perception concerning the Ambient Education as it disciplines. When analyzing the answers represented in graph 3, we perceive that those that had answered yes, had justified saying that Ambient Education had content sufficiently, thus it would have to be discipline obligator in all the education levels. However, the ones that had answered not, had justified of the following form: one said that it would have to be worked only in the curricular component of geography; as, in the similar areas as: geography, biology and sciences and another one, must in accordance with be worked the National Curricular Parameters. Graph 4? As the subject ' ' Environment ' ' it must be worked in the school We could evidence, in accordance with graph 4, that the professors not yet have a position of ambient educator, although to present some encaminhamentos for such activity. Graph 5? Insertion of the practical ambient dimension in the educational one Although 76% of the searched professors to answer that it obtains to insert the Ambient Education in classroom, perceive through the previous answers that deal with a work extremely superficial and that the difficulties found in working the thematic one elapse of some fragilities in the academic formation in relation to the ambient questions. Graph 6? Preparation of the professor front to the Ambient Education As if observes in graph 6, 59% of the interrogated ones recognizes that they are not prepared to insert the ambient subject in the daily one of the school in its totality. It is excellent to point out that the government through the educational system has little invested in professional qualification of the professors to work with the questions in formal education, associating the contents to the diverse areas of the knowledge of excellent form.

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