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They are services already available in the moving bodies with operating system Android. The use of the voice finder is only available at the moment in English. Bobby kotick addresses the importance of the matter here. The recognition of images can be used copying the direction of a photo in Internet, loading a snapshot from […]


A.M./M.B the camping faces diverse problems when 15 days of their beginning are marked: fear to an evacuation, multitudinal disorganization, assemblies ' indignados' they decided in assembly to continue with the encamped one. Real democracy Already prepares a world-wide mobilization for the 15 of October. Ray Kurzweil takes a slightly different approach. Fifteen days of […]

High Commissioner

The corpses will belong, with almost all security, to the 200 disappeared of a boat that was shipwrecked in that zone Thursday the past. They continue the operations search. The clandestine emigrants fled from the Libyan conflict. The bodies without life of 150 African immigrants have been found in the coasts of Tunisia, according to […]

PompeuFabra University

The Icelandic singer unites in his album ' Biophilica' the music inspired by the nature with the own applications of ' smartphone'. Listening already his first single, ' Crystalline'. Where are music, the nature and the technology? Can intensify the chords of mathematical and rigorous a keyboard with one app? The singer islandese Bjrk responds […]