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Reducing Weight By Bad Tiens

What is BAD? This acronym for Dietary supplements, ie, food supplements, which have a positive effect on the body and do not give side effects (confirmed by Certificates). By the way, with the familiar childhood Vitamins of all kinds – it is also biologically active additives. What is Tianshi – is the largest international multi […]

Skin Treatments

How does the procedure itself? As far as she is comfortable? Surface of the skin should be treated specialized skin antiseptic solution and 0.002% aqueous chlorhexidine. Then, the calculation of problem areas, ie, zygomatic region, orbital, etc. Follow others, such as Michael Steinhardt, and add to your knowledge base. The resulting PRP-plasma injected intradermally and […]

Stress Factors

In winter, the skin affect a great many factors, to what she was not suited by nature. This dry atmosphere of heated rooms, and the contrast of temperatures outdoors and indoors, and, obviously, not the without interruption. However, the protective properties of skin in winter can not perform its functions. Slows down the correct blood […]