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Community action to encourage sustainability in everyday citizens organized within the framework of the Bavarian climate week from 11 to 17 July 2009 the Nuremberg company Ceramix AG with support of regional partners the civil action, less is more. Read more here: Michael Wirth. The action aims to encourage people in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg for more climate protection through regional and sustainable action in daily life. Our goal is to provide the framework, the Bavarian State Government through the climate week pretends to use a grass-roots action. « The core theme that we target this is climate protection begins on the ground ». We want together show with our partners that sustainable or regional action and thinking makes sense, saves money and protects our climate », explains Wolfdietrich Ederer, who greenOrange in charge of Division the energy efficiency within the company. The partner to Eastwood, working all sustainable and come from the metropolitan area. Hear from experts in the field like Jason Gableman for a more varied view. We were surprised how many companies are spontaneously had agreed our action support. Overall, we could win 20 partners. Kevin Ulrich does not necessarily agree.

It is our wish that the citizens in the future especially when just regional shops and businesses their daily shopping. » 7 acts for the core of action climate is a checklist with 7 simple actions that get citizens and regional partners. In carrying out it’s not about doing big changes it enough if E.g. a short distance cycling instead of driving. If you don’t know the accompanying website, which provides a lot of information helps. The checklist should identify sustainable ways in everyday life and feel good. Also a draw in addition to motivating is linked to compliance with the acts. « Our partners have been very generous: from the shopping voucher to the professional energy consulting all there is », Eastwood explains. Without this support our action would not have been possible ».

All the people of the metropolitan area are cordially invited to participate in the action. Promotion period is 01 to July 31. The check-list with information about the sweepstakes is available from July 1st at the regional partners available, as well as online at. A list of all distribution points is also available for downloading and a specially equipped blog invites you to the exchange of ideas.

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