NEP Length

When finishing is not used geometric designs, products are not sewn from wool, corduroy or flannel fabrics. A lady dressed in silk and velvet, decorated with ornate floral patterns. Skirts or dresses are usually long and wide. Handbag little refined over the shoulder, often without shoes heel. Retro clothing in this style uses the motives, details of modeling in the past generation, but does not copy them. Style nep – copying of style clothing, popular in Russia in 1920 (when there NEP).

Women wore a fildepersovye stockings, smoking a cigarette in a mouthpiece, wearing knee-length dress with low waistline, or shirt cut, sheared In short, wore tight-fitting cap. Men dressed in suits in black and white checkered. In the course had been walking sticks, hats and gloves at any time of year. In 1922 he published the story of Victor Margeritta 'Le Garcon' (boy), to name a define a new direction in fashion. Style 30-ies. The image of women is becoming more feminine.

She stops on the thin crescent-shaped eyebrows and accentuates her mouth. Hairstyle of medium length hair and sleek, with the waves curled out. But there is another – on the heels of upbeat forehead roller curls. Dresses emphasize the shape, length to mid-calf or slightly higher. Sleeves raised by means of shoulders, waist narrows and skirts are expanding. Coat asymmetric on a cut in the form of tubes with a large fur collar with a long nap. In a fashion silk stockings and pumps with an arrow on the high-heeled wedgies or at high cork soles, or shoes with straps on wooden soles.

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