Imaging More

Internetauktionshaus eBay has new rules for product photos Berlin, 09.092013 – eBay changes the standards for product photography to October 1, 2013. The biggest innovation: No offer more without image. A problem for many traders, for which there is definitely already a solution. Because the photos of the 360 product photography provider fast forward Imaging already now comply with the new eBay standards the new rules for commercial product images on eBay are already longer in the conversation, yet surprisingly come the changes for many small and larger sellers and mean a multiple of overhead. The requirements are: plain background and no graphic elements, logos and marketing texts more in the article photos.

One more: no manufacturer or catalog images may be used for used articles more. This means in particular for commercial providers of used goods: each product must be photographed. A significant effort for eBay sellers, but an unmistakable added value for the quality the product images and the overall appearance on eBay. The perfect answer to eBay’s new standard offers fast forward Imaging provider of automated 360 product photography. Providing eBay on the new product photos, meet the fast forward Imaging’s pictures right now: 36 automatic, pixel-accurate images at a minimal price. We understand the concern of many traders before the changeover and the dreaded overhead. And we can help them to adapt its complete portfolio within a short time and at a low cost to the new eBay photo rules « , as founder Anna Rojahn. Still to more views of the products contribute to a significant increase in sales in a nice side-effect! « , is sure to founder Till Achinger. on fast forward Imaging: FAST FORWARD IMAGING provides integrated full service solutions for industrial product photography. With an interdisciplinary team of E-commerce professionals, photographers, and other specialists which brings Berlin start-up product photography to a new level. The company was founded by Anna Rojahn and Till Achinger in 2013 and allows the automatic creation of perfect cut out photos through an innovative combination of hardware and software. In conjunction with a 360 view, open up entirely new possibilities of product presentation.

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