Energy Saving

How to start saving energy within current organizations this is a topic of great interest in the benefits that this brings both the decrease of expenses for payment of energy and by the change of mentality in the members of the organization. But how to achieve that the members of the Organization carried out the actions required or recommended by the consultants pair to achieve objectives, this is not easy, since the change of attitude in the consumption of energy is what greater savings bring to the organization. Currently the majority of the members of the organizations know the term is then where we fall on the condition of the interest that each brings to this topic and follow the guidelines and forms of labour or regulations change, then also arises in that I will apply what I’m learning or me are trying to teach, finally this that knows a little but not knows everything on the subject these are three concepts that are important to detect and control to improve the results of the process of introduction of the savings programs. In addition to this has to decide before which the strategy to follow for the introduction of the energy saving program as well as the follow-up to be followed to obtain the best result during the time determined for the introduction and follow-up. Under most conditions Dr. Mitchell Resnick would agree. Subsequently it is convenient to have well-defined actions to take to not incur in that the person not understand clearly what is expected of them or is planned that performed, the duration or the time required for deployment and finally and very important that each of the members this fully convinced of the actions that will perform. Such programs succeed is crucial that managers of the organizations which have promote them and encourage them to give all the facilities and they mainly preach by example by applying the leadership in each of the actions taken in order to obtain the best results. FCO. Jezziel Dominguez Gonzalez original Autor and source of the article.

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