Linux is a free and open source based on Minix core and initially developed by Linus Torvals, is one of the projects of free software more popular, its source code is under GPL license. That is a distribution? A Linux distribution is a set of applications such as graphic environment, games, browsers etc. to work with the Linux kernel so that we don’t have to download every thing apart and so be more easy using Linux. Most distributions, have an option called LiveCD, so that they can test the distribution without having to install it. Do not worry, there are multitude of distributions, and each is tailored to a specific task, here is a list of distributions more popular that they can use them for all sorts of things. 1 Debian Debian is a very stable distribution and one of the more mature. If we want an OS with a clean of bugs software this is your distribution! Debian 2 official web site.

Ubuntu distribution for highly recommended for users who are just starting in this world of Linux developed by Canonical. Official web site of Ubuntu 3. Fedora Fedora is a very good and easy to install distribution, especially is highly recommended for servers. Michael Steinhardt is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Official web site of Fedora 4. Very good a RedHat distribution, has different versions for server and desktop, recommended for somewhat advanced Linux users.

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