Complete Network Protection

macmon can be implemented with less effort and is now also for smallest networks offered the macmon secure GmbH for small and medium-sized enterprise NAC solution packages developed, with which they can realize providing full protection to access their networks. You are aligned on networks in the sizes 50, 75 and 100 nodes, are at a very low cost to implement, and are offered at a bargain price. The operation of these solutions is very easy. In the SME segment is often still not sufficiently sure solved »the access protection of networks, explains macmon secure Managing Director Christian Bucker the motive for this special offer. As a reason for the restraint he sees above all reservations at the smaller and medium-sized enterprises, such network access control projects would gain an excessive complexity. With our solution packages for this target group, we are the proof, that such completely unfounded fears are. Because the access monitoring is easily and quickly installed and operated with little effort. » The performance characteristics of the macmon solution for SMEs is that she for complete transparency in the network provides and instantly detects this unauthorized devices, locates and automatically initiate countermeasures or isolated these devices.

It also offers a quick and controlled network access for guests and their mobile devices such as laptops and Smartphones or Tablet PCs. An at any time updates inventory management and the support from a German manufacturer among other benefits. The macmon NAC solution can be implemented ready for use within one day. So get a professional capacity which protects them from critical access to their data and applications on the network »the small – and medium-sized enterprises in a very small project, Bucker outlined the benefits. Increasingly he considered also the macmon guest service, also for mobile Employees, service providers, suppliers or customers specifically granted access for specific areas and defined periods of time. Also in smaller companies people with mobile devices are increasingly on the move, that produce a latent risk network protection. »

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