An Old Dilemma

Patience is a quality that is acquired over time. And some people seem to not need it. Everything depends on the way in which everyone takes life. It depends on your philosophy of life. And ways to deal with every day there are more people on this planet. However, philosophies or lifestyles can be classified into two types. The first of them proposes not to think about the future. That is, have fun now without worry that your actions have further consequences.

Ultimately States that our life is now and not later. Therefore necessary to try to pass it as best as possible without worrying about tomorrow. The second type of philosophy of life is quite the opposite. This arises should be concentrating on the future. As it exposes should think about tomorrow. So today must live with measure. Try to save and take care not to make mistakes that we have to suffer later.

It is advisable to generally be very prudent and carry a life little intense. These two forms of life put forward us an interesting dilemma. You have that decide whether to enjoy everything what you can today without worrying about the future consequences. Or, conversely, let the satisfaction of your desires then and sacrifice in the struggle for the future. Which lifestyle work better? It is very tempting to adhere to the first. With him don’t need patience, neither know nor expect. The satisfaction of our needs is immediate and we can have a great time in today, in the present. When the future already we will see. The objective of this system of life is happy living in the present. But it contains a contradiction. The fact that our behavior today has consequences for tomorrow is on one side. And on the other hand is that the future soon become our present. If your impatient and little forward-looking behavior problems you situaste in your immediate future soon you will have them before thee.

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