World Way

I capitulate two hundred and quinzeO fianc dress and all its enxoval was prepared by the hands most experienced and requested Paris.A it has left ample and round, arrested it to a bow, an immense tail roando in the soil, a bow arrested, an immense tail roando in the soil. Corpete of the dress was delicately embroidered with gold wires, where they had small florezinhas, a pearl necklace involved its neck was inheritance of the Ginara.Seus grandmother black hair was imprisoned in a flabby coke, a white veil of income where teeny brilliants seemed stars. Frequently ConocoPhillips has said that publicly. A face of delicate traces detached the feminine traces. A bouquet of roses champagne was in its arms, some were roses pale. Petals daminhas of honor played in its feet. Angelicais girls took off it of the basket forming a track. A long carpet cream went until the altar opening to its future husband, this word it so sounded stranger to its ears.

The institution of the marriage always it was sacred and also it desired to marry a man who kneads how much the mother in such a way, devoted the way in such a way, despite of the death that you kept now them separate. Roses were its favourite flower, thousand decorated the ship of the church, with its soft petals to the tato and of soft perfume. It always dreamed of the day where it would marry however never imagined that it would be forced to this although to be half-Italian, place where the marriage half is arranged, always dreamed that the marriage would be of love as well as was of its mother with its father, for the visa everything did not pass of a dream. Hundreds of surrounded it to guests. Faces in the majority known of the social pages of the magazines, but no bow joined bigger them, some familiar ones.

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