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The first thing I want to tell – the integration into the body of the post social bookmarking. Frankly speaking, this is a very popular piece, the addition of a common, yes, and the topic has long greasy. But I want to tell you some ways because that my regular readers may be faced with conflicts of various widgets, for example – and bookmark Related Posts, because in both cases fragment modified code must be inserted into one place. In short, to prevent problems – all in order. I almost forgot that put their experiments on the basis of posts from blogs and Bloggerbuster Bloggingtips.

I prefer to use 2 services for integration into the blog one button! – For Russian projects, or AddThis – for English projects. Both contain the most popular services for the respective linguistic groups. Looks like a button you can see I have the same on the blog – there is a button in the sidebar, and for each post, a set of icons at once after Related posts. The service does not require registration, you only need to pass on the designated link above, choose in what form you want the button or buttons and get the code. If you need a widget – there is nothing easier, choose, and get the code create in their blog the widget in the right place.

By the way, for one, and another service, all manipulations are similar (except that in prior AddThis need to register). But, if we want integration into the body of the post, then There is 2 options: 1) Go to "Settings" -> "Formatting" -> "Template" message on my Blogger account. And paste the resulting code in the window. Elementary version, but I have already registered there a script from FeedMates. Of course they can make friends, but I decided to just go for 2 way, since he too elementary. 2) This time we go, "Layout" -> "Edit HTML. Put a check "Expand Widget Templates." We find the following code, you can copy me, press CTRL-F and the order (If the search box will be red, erase a few characters at the end). If you have not installed the widget Related posts, just insert the following sentence above the code received on the service (for example, one button). Related posts When installed, find it end and immediately insert the code "favorites." Such is not artful installation. The second step is to socialize – placing the widget Twitter, which will display your latest posts with this microblogging service. At this time we do not have to climb the HTML-code because it is a normal widget, containing the following code: follow me on Twitter to create a layout in the right place to us HTML / Java Script widget, paste this code in the designated areas, change you_account, the name of your account at the service Twitter. This widget is also possible to look at my sidebar, but at the same time, who have an account with me zafrendit -). Finally, I want to say that the last widget looks like a rustic, but it can significantly elevate him, Using CSS-styles, but more on that later, when I finally all be testing. Using these two simple upgrades, you can make your blog (of course, not only on service Blogger), a little more social, the first will able to add visitors to bookmark your posts and news services. The second will help expand the network on Twitter and increase the number of friends. More on Blogspot: Related posts to Blogspot. Automate internal linking.

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