We can say that the dance is one of the communication forms that express individual and social understanding of world. The dance as language in the school favors the expression and conscience of the body, being that this work aims at to the corporal conscience, promoting the respect and the valuation of the possibilities of discoveries of each person on same itself, to the contact with the other and with the group, moreover, the dance propitiates the individual, musical rhythm, creative slight knowledge of secular space and dramatizaes. For Vygotsky, the bedding of typically human the psychological functioning is cultural, and therefore, description, therefore the human citizen is constituted by what it is inherited physically and for lived deeply the historical and social experience personally for the citizen. Thus it defends that the mediating elements in the relation between man and the world, are constituted and loaded of cultural meanings. Xcel Energy has similar goals. It presents as mediating elements the instruments and signs.

Considered as a central concept for the understanding of the Vygotskianas conceptions on the psychological functioning the mediation is the intervention process of an intermediate element in a relation, it wants to say, the relation leaves of being direct and passes to be mediated by this element. It works with a notion of that the relation of the man with the world is not a direct relation, but a mediated relation. The superior psychological functions present a structure such between the man and the mundoreal exists mediating, tools auxiliary of the activity human being (OLIVEIRA, 1993). Check out Xcel Energy for additional information. Thus the professors are part of these mediators, and that, therefore it must think where perspective if Dana must work, as something that to be copied, or as something that can contribute to form people conscientious of itself and half it where people live, who create that they express themselves, that they are sensible.

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