Virtual Classrooms

The Online Meeting rooms can be a useful technological tool in distance education classrooms vvirtual becoming true, in which the teacher may offer its services through Internet and in real time, relying on visual aids as example files in Power Point, Excel, Acrobat, MEPG, MP3, etc. For their part, students can access our Virtual Classrooms anywhere in the world, which only would need a computer with Internet access with speakers (for listening) and microphone (to speak) and optionally may be used the web cam. It should be noted that students may be involved through a text chat box or chat. Thus, through the Virtual Classroom teachers will: Provide advice, seminars, lectures, panels, etc. Which access can be restricted to only a specific group of people, when such a seminar is paid, or open, when In the case of a presentation or panel free access. Also, the teacher can control access to virtual classroom or expel a participant, if necessary. The teacher will have absolute control of the interventions of the participants, it is he who acts as moderator allowing attendees to take or not the word and disrupting operations.

It is also possible to suspend the use of text chat box. You can participate as a moderator more than a teacher, meaning it can be a panel in which each teacher can be part of the exhibition. Besides being able to use visual aids, the display of virtual classrooms can be used as a blackboard on which the teacher can make drawings, typing or highlight concepts in the presentations that you are using. Moreover, the practitioner can make an audio recording of the theme (MP3 format) and send via virtual classrooms exposure files. As you can see these Virtual Classrooms would be very useful in distance education and counseling, and technical characteristics that allow a class or give advice in real time as if it were a class time in my classroom, but with the advantage that students can be anywhere in the world. Sincerely Jose Luis Santoyo.

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