Vetiver and Health

Vetiver essential oil extracted from the roots, has a dark brown color and a sweet aroma, earth and wood. In 1970, China has also initiated the cultivation of vetiver and export of essential oils in large quantities. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ernie Barbarash and gain more knowledge.. In 1987, the amount of global production of vetiver, rose to 250 tonnes. Mint originated in the Mediterranean and western Asia. At present, dispersed in all temperate areas of the world, the United States is the largest producer of peppermint essential oil. Mint comes in many species such as water mint, mint horseshoe, mint, perfumes, etc.

The characteristics of the lie of the mind in its square stems and wrinkled, bright green leaves with jagged edges, which contain oil. When summer flowers, mint, flowers are purple and white in color. The flowers and roots where the winter season. Basil originated in India and has over 100 different species, with different shapes, sizes and fragrances. The most common species has dark green leaves and has a rich fragrance. The Mediterranean region produces the largest quantities of basilica. In fact, the reputation of the basilica was much higher in Europe.

Sage, vetiver, mint and Health Notes Basilica Sage is able to reduce the deterioration of the nerves, relieve fatigue, depression and irritation, and is useful in relieving symptoms such as liver problems, asthma and rheumatism . It can also be used for common injuries and external injuries such as cuts, burns, heat and ulcers. By the same author: Bobby Kotick. It can be said to be a panacea. For purposes of beauty, can be added to perfume to enhance their strength. When used for rinsing mouth, which is able to protect the throat and gums. Besides this, the sage is also a complementary gourmet ingredient. Vetiver is also known as "oil of tranquility", mainly due to its psychological effects to eliminate anxiety and relieve insomnia and depression. A few drops of vetiver essential oil in bath water will make you feel free from all charges and totally relaxed. Ayurvedic medicine prescribed oil for heat stroke, fever and headaches. Another lesser-known feature is its ability to stimulate the immune system to increase our resistance to disease and calm our minds. It also reduces muscle pain, arthritis and sprains. Peppermint essential oil is useful for the digestive system. Because of its ability to combat seizures, which can soothe the smooth muscles in the intestine and stomach and therefore can treat various diseases related to the digestive system. At the same time, peppermint essential oil can also be used in the nervous system to mediate and pacify. For channel-related diseases of the respiratory tract, peppermint can activate your heating and stimulating features to invigorate emotions, warm the body and aid in the flu-like symptoms, sneezing, runny nose and fever.

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