USB Systems

These settings can be changed manually usually have an equalizer and adjust the acoustics of the room. But now to the part the compact equipment has changed the most namely the functions. Simple plants have then when the market as only radio and CD player. Such comments, however, is the exception. Rather, systems on today’s media technology are adapted. So can for example not only purchased CDs be played, but also others from the PC known area, be reproduced media formats.

These include WMA, MP3 and MPEG4 formats. Co-located on the PC itself and burned CDs are playable without problems. Even the MP3 player or memory stick can play back over a USB port that is now standard. Of course the range of formats extends to the USB port, can be the play, such as AAC or FLAC files. . In some versions, compact systems have even a record player.

Should the representative of the older generation forward especially, because the old turntable have an old DIN connection only and long not to modern Devices could be connected. Also in the field of radio, much has changed. The reception is no longer reduced to terrestrial broadcasters or cable connection, but also Internet radio can be received with or without a cord. Even the title and albums detection function is not uncommon. This information are displayed on a LCD display, often in color. Docking station for iPod / iPhone and iPad are no longer a rarity now. So can be such compact equipment via a cable, RCA or SCART, connect to a TV, so that films can be viewed. Furthermore, these plants have the ability to be able to play back DVDs directly from the CD player. Then the playback of DVD-video, DVDR/RW, DVDR includes DL, video CD, audio CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, JPEG and DivX formats. There seems to be no limit in the number of technical refinements. You should also consider that everything has its price, and not always feasible must be also useful. Moreover, many mean Functions may be a more complicated operation. All in all they are a low-cost alternative to other stereo systems for the new compact plants test was clearly. There are no limits to your needs and it is only a question of price.

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