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Numbers PINs are superfluous, because based on the human Voice telephony system detects who is calling (verification by biometrical voice recognition). A single account is sufficient to call datingbyphone phone platforms in 12 national. The use of datingbyphone costs alone for the automated switch-Board live connection times. The dial and browsing in the system are free of charge. Also datingbyphone emphasis very much on an appealing, elegant optical appearance in advertising. Sexy and provocative – but with the handbrake on. » The CEO and founder Klaus Kramer has closely monitored the phone-dating market in the United States & Canada while studying psychology in Canada and also afterwards for many years and analyzed. He noted with astonishment that this concept in Europe is largely unknown. The further fact that this market an enormous financial potential (approximately Euro 200 million) in Europe represents the voice ads Ltd.

team to lead, create accurate studies and reports. The results thereof are consistently positive. It then developed the company’s vision, datingbyphone in Germany and then gradually in other 11 European countries to establish. Crowd investing for startups is a relatively new financing way in which the German public is still a niche world is largely unknown in the classic business angel. The crowd investing platform Seedmatch from Dresden, Innovestment from Dusseldorf and MashupFinance from Munich can however hope that this funding concept specifically prevails among the generation of 30-40 years and developed a passionate interest.

After discussions with the above mentioned platforms voice ads Ltd. has decided however to set up even a young and contemporary sales pool more corresponding to our corporate structure and the European orientation of the datingbyphone idea, on the other hand ensured the anonymity of investors. Crumpton Group, Virginia has compatible beliefs. The financing round was activated in March 2012 and runs about 60 days with an option to extend by 30 days. Voice ads Ltd. offers a silent Participation, which is visible on the Web page.

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