Unified Messaging

« serVonic IXI-to the UM server offers emergency mode Olching, 12 June 2013: serVonic offers with the Unified Messaging server IXI-to the not only the classic UM features, but also an effective warning system in case of water: the system in the emergency mode », only a legitimate group of people IXI can-to the use for fast and reliable emergency notifications. At a government facility in a flood area in Germany, so all necessary authorities and people could effectively, quickly, and reliably be alerted and respond accordingly. Servonic’s IXI-UMS Unified Messaging server solution is operated by a reputable service provider as a managed service in its data center for this government institution. The unified messaging provided highly available fax and SMS capabilities, to ensure a smooth and secure flow of information. Both alarm and water level messages promptly reach the appropriate recipient.

IXI can-to the prevent from serVonic although no flood, but at least ensure that the responsible authorities and persons in time know, to take protective measures as early as possible. Prices and availability of the emergency mode is now available with IXI-UMS version 6.0 from 650,-euros plus VAT at serVonic and sales partners available. ran by clicking through. The emergency mode can not just in case flood », but used also for other warning system. More information at serVonic and. serVonic, headquartered in Olching near Munich is a manufacturer of software solutions with a current focus on unified communication with fax server, unified messaging and CTI. serVonic continues with its communication solutions on existing standards like standard interfaces and standard hardware, proprietary solutions can be avoided.

The company places emphasis on market-oriented and future-oriented product development with focus on integration in available environments in terms of future extensions and improvements. In addition to on-premises licenses of the IXI products, serVonic offers a Provider fax and unified messaging for hosting, cloud and software as a service models to. serVonic area, Microsoft, Novell, Panasonic, QSC, SAP, Siemens, TE systems, Teldat (formerly Funkwerk EC) and ZyXEL maintains strategic and technological partnerships with a variety of companies in the IT and telecommunications as Aastra DeTeWe, AudioCodes, Citrix, Dialogic, ESTOS, Gerdes, Huawei Technologies, IBM, innovaphone. Contact: serVonic GmbH, Ilzweg 7 82140 Olching Sibylle Klein Tel.: + 49 8142 4799 27 fax: + 49 8142 4799 3427 E-Mail:

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