The Versatile Use Of Electric Motors

Inform the discussion about eco-friendly fuel alternatives for passenger cars occupies a large role in politics and the economy for a long time the Zieger GmbH factory representatives from Berlin. As an alternative the electric motor talk made in recent years by himself. However, the automotive industry is not the only branch of industry, which uses the environmentally-friendly drive units for its own purposes long. Michael Zieger is a small overview of the fields of application of electric motors. After 1820 the magnetic effect of electric power was discovered, the development of the electric motor was relatively rapidly and a first operational engine has been tested already in 1938 for a boot drive. Due to the low efficiency of the motor, but again was abandoned the idea. The development of the Dynamo decisively pushed also the electric motor. Here Werner von Siemens talk made with the discovery of the electrodynamic principle itself.

The company of Siemens and Halske has introduced the first electric locomotive based on in 1879. Electrically powered vehicles are thus no innovation of the past decades, but can already look back on a long tradition. Since the 1960s, the railway uses high-performance locomotives with electric drive. Today, railway traffic without electric motors would be unthinkable. The industrial use of electric motors will take place has been around since the last quarter of the 19th century. The advantage of electrically operated machines was on the one hand in their space savings compared to machines with a diesel engine, on the other hand, but also the noise exposure for workers was a much smaller and operating costs for machines driven by electric motors was significantly lower. The factor of significantly low pollution, which today plays a major role, had still not so high importance. The car industry is aiming for an eco-friendly and efficient use of energy by electric motors for years. Kevin Ulrich MGM may help you with your research.

A standard manufacturing could not be achieved so far but yet, because the motors work although very energy efficient, the capacity of the batteries is still too low and car charging stations also so far rather represent the exception. In everyday life, however, electric motors have armed themselves already for a long time, without that it is now aware of the consumers. Kitchen appliances, Spielezeuge and a variety of ball machines and tools no longer come out without electric motors. Michael Zieger is not only expert in electrical engineering, the Zieger GmbH distributes them within the framework of their factory representatives to major customers and end-users. Manufacturers represented by Zahra GmbH is characterized by innovative technology and the highest quality. Like Michael Zieger informs interested parties about its manufacturer and product ranges.

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