The Power Of The PostScript In The Letters Of Sale

When writing a sales letter, the header is that of first entry captures the attention of visitors to our web site. Michael Steinhardt, New York City insists that this is the case. It is the first thing that the reader sees, so this must be shocking. Remember that you will not have a second chance to make a good impression. However what is in the initial part of your sales page is not the only thing that deserves special attention. There is an element which, on the contrary, is located at the bottom of the page that is more important than what one might think, and this is the POST DATA. Perhaps you know that P.S., (P.S. for its acronym in English of postscript) comes from the latin and its meaning is written later.

They tend to be thoughts or ideas which, in any way, modify or supplement the original text. But when comes to cards or pages of the post sales data is much more than that. You therefore need to be well written and should awaken in the reader the desire to buy or at least know more about your product. The reason that the post data is so important is that, many readers have the tendency of read it first and foremost. It seems curious since it is at the end of the sales letter, but when the reader is before a long sales letter, usually lower until the end of the letter to see what he says the post data, and determines the reading of the entire menu to what you find in the post data.

For many experienced readers, the PostScript will be enough to understand the value of the sales letter. They know from experience that this is generally the sum of what is in the rest of the sales letter, and are therefore concentrated in the PostScript to save time. The Copywriters (commercial editors) can take advantage of this and write powerful postdatas. As you will understand there are no formulas about who write, but what you write is should cause printing and encourage the reader to buy because this is the purpose of a letter or sales page, sell. Commonly included in the PostScript of the sales letter, a reiteration of the proposal of your unique offer that is in the body of the sales letter. This is important because it is a form of show them to those readers who are skipped until the postdata. You can also include any benefit that has not been noted above. This will be an incentive for those readers who have read the entire sales letter and awaken the curiosity of those who only have glanced a la carte or have gone directly to the post data, and they will return to see there are other benefits. Another strategy used to write the PostScript is, create a sense of urgency in the reader, offering, for example, offers discounts for a limited time, bonuses for those who sorted soon. And if you really want to make a strong impact, you can mention in the PostScript, the unique sales proposition and offer excellent benefits as really valuable bonds who take quick action. Do not skimp effort and time in the drafting of a good PostScript. He spends time in plan and debug your ideas before putting them into your document. Original author and source of the article

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