The Neuroses

It has a small stretch of one of the interned ones where it says: ' ' It does not look the reasons of my internment. It does not look for to know who I am in the official registers. It listens to me, I am an orphan rejected of sociedade' '. Of – to ahead reflect of this small stretch people who usufruct eticamente of the good-sense and speaking they obtain to see the essence of the moral. Ahead this I appeal, doctors and psychiatrists still look for to understand if she has one organic riot or an insanity that is and only looks reasons to justify itself for the society that in fervor clama ' ' normality in mundo' '. does not have a truce to listen to and to hear the interioridade each individual that we call ' ' louco' '. if wild were we? Accepting and fulfilling to all these rules and norms? He will be that he has a time to think itself about this? For organicistas psychiatrists, where biology is determinative, he has a psychiatrist that he is the father of the mental medicine where affirms that it did not interest to hear the sick person to it and it said that ' ' to ignore the language of the patient is, in mental medicine, an excellent condition of observao' '. Let us agree that for we psychologists and students of optimum psychology to make are to ignore this affirmation, therefore for organicistas madness is seen reality material.

It has much that if to distinguish between neuroses and psychoses. The psychoses if relate to the riots of the personality as a whole and this in case that it is more serious. Already the neuroses if relate to alterations of only one sector of the personality without implying in cognitivas structures. However, for detrs of these explanations we would have to know what it generates everything this.

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