The Kabbalists

Connected after all to understand the essence of the connection between human beings, we need to know its root. According to the Kabbalah, this root dwells in a site in which time and place do not exist. The Kabbalists tell us that at that site, all are connected, we are one soul, called the soul of Adam has Rishon (the first man). This soul is like an organism made up of millions of cells that are related closely. At some point in their evolution, parts (cells) lost the notion of its connectivity, and the soul is fragmented into a multitude of separate pieces. This separation resulted in alienation and hatred between us, and since then, we have been unconsciously sought substitutes for this feeling of fullness that once we share.

In fact, all social systems that as human beings we have created throughout history, pursuing a single purpose: restore lost our connection and reciprocity. A key element in our disengagement is the ego. This not only caused the fragmentation, but our separation has been increasing since then. On the one hand, ego makes us want to use others, making us dependent on them to meet our needs, as with globalization. But on the other hand, causes that we want to find ways to satisfy us, stop being dependent on others, and that other people simply disappear.

We do not easily accept the reality that we are connected and that we can do nothing to change it. This fellowship bothers us and atribula, and here our resistance and refusal to recognize the fact of connection. The means that we use today to communicate, clearly reflect our alienation so as our connectivity. On the one hand, we want to share with everyone, and on the other, remain anonymous and safe behind our computer screen. If we do not use them with the correct intention, modern communications drive us to isolation rather than unite us, even if we are technically connected.

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