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All that the user has to do is buy a plastic card of good quality, soft and clean the printer occasionally, using simple cleaning cards and replacing or cleaning removing dirt from the printer roller. Not only print, using encryption also The ID card printers such as Magicard Rio 2 and Tango 2 also come to encode a smartcard while printing. This means that the chip card contact or contactless chip (proximity) is written into the printer. For users that use contactless cards for access control, for example, this means you only need one piece of equipment – the identification card printer – to issue cards. There is no need to train users to use multiple pieces of equipment and there is no danger that the issuance of cards to be printed without being encrypted. In addition, all printers offer the option of magnetic stripe card encoding.

Secure Card with a click of the mouse with Magicard printers you can even print a secure seal of water through the surface of the card only using your standard printer. With a simple click of the mouse, you can choose to enable or disable the secure seal impression of water. The watermark is placed on the card at the time of printing, so that did not involve any complex laminated tape that need to be specially ordered at extra cost. Technology Magicard watermark, called HoloKote, allows all users to use a simple card security. Cost of purchase and ownership are low in the past, there was often a compromise between the cost of purchase and cost of ownership.

Printers that were low cost to buy supplies were expensive, and printers that had a low-cost supplies were very expensive. This has changed, and now you can buy an appropriate dye sublimation printer for $ 1,500 dollars or less, and the cost per single-sided printing is $ 0.40 USD or less. The costs are now very comparable to those ID cards « rolling cut and paste » and, of course, the quality and durability of a plastic card produced by appropriate dye-sublimation printer is much higher than the card cut and paste. Conclusion The ID card printers are now easier to use than desktop printers inkjet. With regard to the installation of the printer, the design card, use the printer driver, the burden of consumption and card printing, anyone who has a computer can easily use an ID card printer. The printers can even encode smart cards and magnetic stripe cards at the same time. With an affordable purchase and operation, means that even small organizations as 50 people can easily buy and operate their own ID badge solution.

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