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Industrial Robots

In today's world needs and pace of life is rapidly increased, and as a consequence of this could not affect the industrial and manufacturing sectors. The use of robotics in production of all kinds was necessity. Therefore, robots have taken its own distinctive niche in our work. Today a major transformation of mass production are […]

Work and Weekends

The resulting pace of life makes its own rules. In a society opens up new possibilities, and they, in turn soybeans, bring into our lives and unprecedented demand. The scheme also works in reverse order. Namely, in order to give yourself a chance to lead his life as he thinks proper, many have to plow […]

The TV Industry and the Modern Market

The modern market of TV-industry offers a huge selection of TVs. However, all products can be divided into two types, lowering the good old vacuum-tube CRT TVs: LCD is (LCD or LCD (English)) and Plasma TVs. LCD monitors designed in 1963 by the American scientist David Sarnoff, basing reflective liquid-crystal matrix. Today, LCD-screen is covered […]

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